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19 August, 2008

Do you know anyone fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq? Here’s your chance to show them that we are thinking about them back home. The first 25 people to email us the military address of a U.S., NATO, or coalition soldier fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan will get a free copy of Boondockers aliVe sent to that soldier.

If you know any diehard sledders who are serving in the armed forces overseas, share their stories here.

Email addresses to

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  1. Andrew McCarthy Says:

    Excellent idea Daniel! I’m certain anything that even resembles cool would be a welcome gift in the desert. Perhaps we might even delve into the archives and break out an old Boondockers story I wrote as a tribute to the freedom for which they fight. Keep up the good work troops and for god’s sake – Sweat your brains out!

  2. Sarge Says:

    Love it Dan! Your buddy Jlowe sent us a DVD when we were in Iraq and we played it almost every day. Makes you forget the heat for a at least a hour or so.

    Keep up all the great work!


  3. Dan Gardiner Says:

    Thanks for all of the emails! So far we’ve sent over 30 videos to people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s keep this going for a couple more weeks, keep sending in emails!

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