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After five years of Boondockers you might say we’re lucky to be alive, and I’m not talking about the crashes and wrecks. Boondocking has come to mean more than just mind-numbing powder days, adrenaline-pumping drops, and technical climbs, it’s a lifestyle where dedication and hard work provide the ultimate payout. Just like you we’ve spent our winters tracking every minute of every day. Riding till your heart screams, digging till your lungs burn, and pushing the limits of endurance, I guess you could say we’ve been living in dog years. Join us for our best film to date: an anniversary tribute to an endless winter of deep powder, unexplored terrain, and the unforgettable footage that tells the story. Lucky to be alive? Thank God is more like it!

A film by Dan Gardiner and Andrew McCarthy

Starring: Dan Gardiner, Ryan Nelson, Dan “The Krazy Canadian” Davidoff, Rick Barker, Geoff “Phatty” Dyer, Nate Lambson, Trent Gough, Shane Kynaston, Matt Entz, Jenn Berg, Amber Holt, Rene St. Onge, Aaron Case, Ryan Searle, Shane Kelley, Kris Kaltenbacher, Anthony Oberti and Many More.

Locations: Utah; California; Revelstoke, B.C.; Cooke City, Montana; Colorado; Nevada; Idaho; and Wyoming.

Have you ever wanted to know more about the riders, sleds and locations from your favorite snowmobile film? Go behind the scenes with the 60 page magazine included in each DVD.
Each DVD comes with a 60 page magazine that has articles, photos and reviews that will take you behind the scenes of Boondockers aliVe!

Intended for audiences of all ages.