Boondockers 8 DVD




Why? It’s the question often posed to those of us who enjoy a little more adventure than the average person. Why do we brave the harsh conditions of the winter backcountry to risk life, limb, and machine every season? The simple answer of course, but the one that only a dedicated rider would understand is “because it’s there.” The longer answer is the neck-deep powder days and endless boondocking, adrenaline-pumping jumps and cliff drops, the camaraderie and the countless stories, and the unbelievable landscapes that serve as a backdrop for it all.

Record snowfall throughout the Rocky Mountains during the 2010-2011 winter resulted in the deepest powder days in memory and a riding year extending from October to July. Follow the riders of Boondockers on an incredible adventure through the western United States and Canada and discover why we love this sport. Filmed in 1080 HD.

Starring: Geoff “Phatty” Dyer, Kris Kaltenbacher, Rick Barker, Matt Entz, Dan Gardiner, Ryan Nelson, Erik Woog, Dan Davidoff, Steve Darcy, Justin Cowett, Aaron Case, Nadia Samer, and More

Intended for audiences of all ages.
















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