Snowmobile Avalanche and Riding Skills Workshop

16 February, 2010

Come join the avalanche experts from the Utah Avalanche Center and the riders of Boondockers for a snowmobile level one avy class and backcountry riding skills workshop. The class will focus on practical, hands on avalanche and riding skills for snowmobilers. The course will consist of an evening session on Wednesday, February 24th (6-9pm) and a field day on Saturday, February 27th (9am-5pm) in the Uinta Mountains. Head over to the UAC website for more details and to register:

The cost is $200 and all proceeds go to the UAC to support snowmobile projects. Snowmobiles have made huge advances in weight and horsepower technology over the past decade, allowing us easy access to the backcountry in even the deepest snow conditions. Along with this easy access also comes an increased danger and it is more important than ever to be prepared for the hazards of the winter backcountry. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with experts to hone your avalanche skills. Anyone who rides the mountains should be proficient in avalanche skills. This doesn’t mean just carrying a beacon, shovel, and probe—it means knowing how to use them and even more importantly, knowing how to read the terrain and snowpack conditions in order to avoid an accident in the first place.

Hurry up and register! There are only a few spots left!

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  1. aaron case Says:

    That’s the most important part to avalanche safety, not being in an avalanche in the first place.
    Craig (The UAC) does a great job of teaching you how to use your safety tools but includes a great education on how to not need to use them.

  2. phatty Says:

    This class was AWESOME! everyone should take this class… i learned so much! thanks Craig, Reid, Grant and the Utah avalanche center!

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