Save Our Riding Areas

30 August, 2009

A piece of legislation moving through the House of Representatives threatens to change the sport of snowmobiling as we know it. H.R. 980 would designate approximately 23 million acres of land throughout the Western U.S. as wilderness. This bill would close many popular snowmobiling areas in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, and Oregon. To put this into perspective, Yellowstone National Park covers about 2.2 million acres…

Klim has started a petition opposing the legislation. Do your part to preserve our riding areas by signing the petition here:
Klim Petition

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  1. Ryan Nelson Says:

    Big thanks to Klim for the easy to use, idiot proof petition!!

  2. snowrodeo Says:

    signed and sent. we all need to start taking the fight to keep our riding areas open more seriously. the greenies will never quit and soon we’ll have nowhere to ride….

  3. Jamie Petrick Says:

    Signed and sent…thanks for making it easy guys.

  4. greg sweeney Says:

    There is already way too much wilderness that nobody can get to anyway. Lets preserve the snowmobile areas. How much harm can riding on 20 feet of snow cause?

  5. boondockerwannabe Says:

    Thanks for making the signing so easy, to bad a few tree huggers feel they need to save some pines and wreck everyone’s day. This is a joke, the tree huggers don’t realize they are messing with the economy, but they are too concerned with saving some pines and green grass.

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