Matt Entz Showcase

I was born and raised in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado, at the base of the southern San Juan mountains. My “home” riding area is Wolf Creek pass, famous for ‘the most snow in Colorado!’ Snowmobiling was in my blood from the day I was born. My family has been involved with snowmobiling in one way or another for generations. In the 1970’s my grandpa and his brother-in-law had a dealership. My great grandfather used snowmobiles for recreation but mostly as a means of transportation in the winter to go ice fishing in the mountains of Colorado. My father rode snowmobiles whenever he had the chance and he provided me with priceless knowledge about working on sleds and how to deal with the elements involved with winter in the mountains. I have been riding for over 25 years. I bought my first sled when I was 18 years old and that’s when my passion for riding really took off. I started exploring new areas and riding with every possible opportunity.

In 2007 I was asked to guide some riders that were doing some filming and wanted to ride an area that I was familiar with. These ‘riders’ ended up being the BOONDOCKERS crew. This led to them filming a segment in southern Colorado for BOONDOCKERS 4 and led to me being invited to Utah to ride and film the following winter. From there I began riding with them a few times a year and am very greatful for that opportunity. Being a part of BOONDOCKERS is quite an honor and something that I am very proud of. So far, my proudest moment snowmobiling was the cover photo for BOONDOCKERS 6. The gap for that jump was big. On my first attempt, I didn’t think I was going to make it to the landing, so I bailed off! Somehow my sled and I both made it to the other side, each in one piece. We did some more cleanup to the take off and I hit it again with as much speed as I could get through the run in. Attempt #2 was a success and a moment I will never forget.

My favorite aspects of snowmobiling are the freedoms and challenges. When I am on my sled, I am dialed in and focused. My mind is free and clear and the only worry is how to maneuver through or around that next obstacle. For some reason, everything is better in the mountains! The air is cleaner and crisper, food tastes better, and people seem to be happier. I love to take a moment while riding and appreciate all that is around me, usually resulting in a big smile. The challenges of the terrain, weather, sleds ability, and my own ability excite me and I am always striving to improve. I want to get better and learn everytime I am on my sled. I love riding technical terrain as well as going off of big cliffs for both the mental and physical challenges. Even more so than pushing myself, I enjoy to be pushed by others. I enjoy riding new areas, not knowing what is coming up next and having to react and figure it out.

For the 2011 season, I rode a VOHK built BoonDocker turbo M-8. It is equipped with a Timbersled Mtn. Tamer rear suspension on IceAge rails with EXIT shocks and a camoplast challenger extreme 153×2.5 track. Up front it has ARSfx a-arms and EXIT shocks. This suspension combination gives me all the confidence I need to make tight technical lines, as well as any jump or drop I can find. 2coolairvents help keep my clutches cool and cold air going through the turbo. A sledskin wrap gives my sled a unique look that sets it apart from others. To save some weight, my sled has a BDX pro lite drive and lightweight driveshaft and headlight delete kit.

Next season I will be riding a Polaris Pro RMK! I am hoping for another winter with epic snowfall and countless deep powder days. I am planning on riding many new areas and looking forward to meeting new people.

I like a lot of different music with a preference of rock. My favorite groups vary from Guns n Roses and Metallica, to newer groups Skillet and Volbeat. Coffee is my favorite drink, straight black.

I could never have gotten to where I am or where I want to go without support from my friends and family, the great companies that help me out, and God for the opportunity and ability. My sponsors last season included- VOHK, Timbersled, Klim, DOBBS Enterprises, ZBROZ Racing, BoonDocker Turbos, 2coolairvents, IceAge Mfg., SLEDSKIN, habervision, Napier Motorsports, and Ken’s Service Center. Thank you so much to all of you and also the BOONDOCKERS crew, and especially my fiance Jesse for all of your encouragement and support!