Oh Canada…

21 May, 2009

The winter of 2009 went out with a bang for the Boondockers team. We headed up to British Columbia to ride with Dan Davidoff and the Krazy Canadians last weekend and there couldn’t have been a better way to end the season. It was probably one of our last trips of the year, and everyone rode like it. Rick Barker, Phatty, Shane Stainger, Shane Kynaston and me drove 14 hours from Utah to ride some of the biggest snowmobiling terrain on the planet.


Rick Barker capped off an amazing year with an incredible display of riding skill. Rick was on Dan Davidoff’s Arctic Cat M8 Turbo from Main Jet Motorsports (setup by Twisted Turbos and Canadia Power Machines) for the weekend. He proved that the Twisted Turbos aren’t just for hillclimbing. With the power and the improved throttle response of the new turbos, Rick was able to hit jumps and drops that were impossible on a stock machine. In the highlight of the weekend, Rick was able to save Dan’s sled by jumping an off-camber 50ft. cliff when he wasn’t able to make it out a chute (don’t miss it in BD6!).


True to form, Dan “The Krazy Canadian” Davidoff made tons of huge pulls. Dan is an extremely proficient technical rider who makes climbs look too easy sometimes (just ask Rick). As always, Dan was an entertaining host and guide and he took us into the biggest country we’ve ever seen on snowmobiles. His new “Krazy Sled,” a 174 Arctic Cat M8 turbo built by Canadian Power Machines, is a hillclimbing beast. Shain Stanger of Twisted Turbos and Andy Nazaroff also made some big climbs.


Enjoy some of our pictures from the trip and check out all of the action in Boondockers 6, due out August 1! Photos by Geoff “Phatty” Dyer, photographer extraordinaire.


Andy Nazaroff


What goes up…


must come down (Rick Barker)


Shain Stanger on an M1200 with a Twisted Turbo


Chris Bordicoff pushes the limits of spring snow


Dan Gardiner


Lyle Sinden


Phatty on top of the world

Don’t miss Dan Davidoff’s upcoming film: Krazy Canadian Adventures, Volume 2. www.krazycanadian.com. If you ever want to put together a trip to Canada, contact Dan through his website, I guarantee it will be the trip of a lifetime.

While staying in Canada, we recommend the Valhalla Riversuites. We stay here every time we come up and it is the ideal sledder’s lodge: www.hellovalhalla.com.

Twisted Turbos
Canadian Power Machines
Main Jet Motorsports
Valhalla Riversuites

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  1. snowrodeo Says:

    looks like you guys had a blast!!
    cant wait to see the films this fall…

  2. Jeff Schauer Says:

    You ever need a backup still photographer let me know LOL!!! GREAT STUFF!

    Way to hang it out there Rick!!

  3. Andrew McCarthy Says:

    This is an incredible story Daniel and we are truly grateful for the fact that you continue to share them with us. I never realized how important these recounts are for us married guys with babies on the way and the work responsibilities piling up. Guess it’s my turn to live vicariously through you kids. Keep up the great work!

  4. John Says:

    McCarthy how many years did you live like this…

    Excellent Story Dan!!! Looking forward to BD6. Awesome photo’s Phatty. I hope you have enough stories to get us through this thing they call summer…

  5. Jamie Says:

    Awesome work guys!! You all rock but it sounds like Rick really killed it this trip…..way to go man!! Our Davidoff trip a couple years ago was a total blast and I have missed it dearly the last couple years. Sorry Dan, we will be back. Can’t wait to see BD6 and KCA2. Great work again fellas…..looking forward to seeing you all again sometime soon.

  6. labrador Says:

    Great story guys, love to ride out there!!

  7. John Says:

    Nice…Just got back from a ride here in Newfoundland today myself…something tells me it was a little tamer lol…can’t wait for the vid.

  8. Andrew McCarthy Says:

    Brilliant job John. The latest we ever rode in Newfoundland was the first week in June. Started the last shoot for Boondockers 2 Tangly on the May 24 Weekend with a Bell Island dirt bike adventure and eventually worked our way to Port aux Choix where we broke out the sleds for that infamous lobster boil in early June.

  9. Paul (Sled Solutions) Says:

    Looked like a blast…wish I could have made it. Next year Dan!

  10. Ana Says:

    At last! Someone who undesrtands! Thanks for posting!

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