Heaven Help Us

27 March, 2007
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Looking at these photos – Is there any way you can deny a creator? What wondrous beauty. Indeed, and in honour of an upcoming ‘Fake Paddy’s Day’ – “Shure tis Heaven on Earth, mon!” Yes, whoever built this world was truly great.

Now, I don’t know if there is a God. None of us do really – but isn’t it nice to believe that there could be? What a formidable picture that would make. Imagine the power and the might. Make no wonder we spend so much time dwelling on the image – Skin colour – Sex – Clothing – and of course, the backdrop for the illustration; Paradise, eh boy?

Thing is though, how much better can it get? Three breasts? More Gas? A surer Bet? Surely we could spend all day deliberating on an afterlife. Personally, I don’t really care anymore since I consider it a blessing to have enjoyed this world. Thus said, I might not spend a lot of time praying these days but I’m telling you now – I sure do give a lot of praise.

You see, when I first gazed upon these sights all I could say was “Good job, God!” Then I acknowledged the day with the greatest honour I could humbly bestow – I lived it. Man, what a trip! What a joy! What a memory! Yeah it was really something to behold. Of course with all these accolades I fear it would be amiss if I didn’t also take the time to identify those who helped make all this happen with a big shout out to our Boondockers Crew:

· Dan Gardiner: As you know I consider Jay Quinlan and Brian Seaward to be the best technical riders in the world. Well gun slingers… you’d best clear a path cause the kids all grown up and he’s running with the big boys these days. Surely Dan has always been a great leaper but these days his true riding ability is best witnessed in the back country challenges that deep powder, long mountain side hills and tangly shutes demand. As grandfather would say “He’s an old dog for the rough road and a crackie on the marsh!”

· Ryan Nelson: Man this kid’s riding is just beautiful to watch – true poetry in motion. His tremendous blend of rhythm and grace etches snow like painted strokes. Obviously a skier in his early days, Ryan rides with his toes.

· Geoff Dyer (aka Phatty): Ah yes… Straight Line Phatty! Now this kid has got heart and a willingness to tackle just about any kind of terrain. Of course he’s so tall he’s the only one amongst who can actually see where he’s going in this kind of powder – Heads above the rest you might say!

Looking forward to the weekend in Revelstoke boys – With a little help from above this could be the greatest trip yet!

Heaven help us “Sweat Our Brains Out!”

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