Geoff “Phatty” Dyer Signs With Arctic Cat

9 December, 2008

The rumors are true, Phatty has officially switched to Arctic Cat. He will be representing Team Green in our upcoming film, Boondockers 6: First Tracks. Phatty will be riding the 2009 Arctic Cat M8 153 HCR.

Utah is finally getting blanketed with snow, look for picture and HD video updates as we hit the snow. Big plans are in store for Boondockers 6, including a limited edition Blu-Ray release, new locations, and unparalleled video quality. The film will be shot entirely in high definition, so get ready for some ridiculous deep powder and backcountry footage!

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  1. dave Says:

    Phatty CONGRATS

  2. Ryan Says:

    That will be one nice ride.

  3. phatty Says:

    Thanks guys! I am super stoked about this season and to be factory sponsored is pretty exciting! I am sitting in my office watching the snow fly… Lets go riding!!!
    Be sure and check out the January Edition of SledHeads Magazine!

  4. Ron Says:

    Was with Phatty the day he pulled the tags off. Ran well for being bone stock that day. Question is, can he make it though the whole season.
    Congrats Geoff

  5. ALPINEJay Says:

    SUP, Phatty and Boondockers crew!

    Phatty thats awsome that your riding a cat! But try to stay away from cali, the snows to hard there and from what I hear, you have bad luck! haha jk. can’t wait to see ya and ride with you when you come over!

    P.S We’ll have to put my XP up against your M8! That is……If you’re not scared! 😀
    Seeya soon!

  6. jesse Says:

    nice ride,arctic cat makes great sleds.

  7. Jamie Says:

    congrats phatty…hope you like the sled!! hope to finally hook up with you guys again this winter….

  8. Trev Says:


  9. James Finsterwald Says:

    hey man im 16 and i meet u all the snow snow in denver congrats i look up to you hope one day i can ride with u even though its all about polaris ah

  10. James Finsterwald Says:


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