First Ride

22 December, 2008

We finally made it out for our first ride of the season, and not a day too late. After a late start to winter it snowed virtually nonstop for the last week and it looks like it will keep snowing for another week. Geoff “Phatty” Dyer, Rick Barker, and myself managed to catch a brief break in the weather to tear up all of this new snow in the Utah backcountry.

Phatty sidehilling on the new Arctic Cat HCR.

Breaking trail through the creek bottoms.

Face shots!

Be careful out there right now, there is a lot of avalanche activity. I triggered this slide just by crossing a creek bottom on the other side of the canyon. Needless to say, we stayed off of all steep north-facing slopes.

Merry Christmas from the Boondockers crew!

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  1. Nelson Says:

    Hope to make it out with you guys soon, im feeling a lil left out 🙁

  2. Ryan Searle Says:

    dang man wish I wasn’t in Cali for christmas. can’t wait til this weekend and I’m able to hit the snow again.

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