First Ride of the Season

20 December, 2009

We finally made it out for the first ride of the season. We still need a little more base, but conditions are improving quickly and more storms are in the forecast.


Rick Barker and Phatty made quick work of the untouched powder. Phatty is on a new 2010 Arctic Cat M8 HCR. Rick is still on his trusty 2006 M7, but a turbo kit is in the works. After what he did on Davidoff’s trubo last spring, it would be a shame not to see him on one this winter! You can check out a couple minutes of raw footage from the ride over at


Geoff “Phatty” Dyer pulls a sidehill through the trees

Erik Woog of VOHK built me a wicked pump gas M8 turbo this season and it rips! Huge thanks to all of the sponsors that helped put the sled together:
VOHK: The best sled builder on the planet!
Boondocker Performance: The ultimate combination of performance and reliability
Timbersled: Aftermarket suspensions
Ice Age Rails: Aftermarket replacement and custom rails
Arctic FX Graphics: Sled wraps
2 Cool Air Vents

Check back for regular updates as the riding season gets under way!




Rick Barker


Erik Vohk

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  1. Andrew McCarthy Says:

    Can’t believe I’m asking this – but how about a shot of the sled when it’s not buried in snow! Would love to see what style of graphics they chose for your ride – gavel? white wig? jailing outfit? Beautiful shots by the way

  2. Steve Says:

    Wow you guys have no idea how bummed I am to not be in Utah riding this season, especially after seeing those pics.

  3. ALPINEJay Says:

    Guys, nice job! Great pictures and sleds! Alpine is looking like that too! Come on over!


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