Dan Davidoff Interview

1 August, 2008

Dan Davidoff is the only two-time winner of the Xtremey Award for best performance in a snowmobile film. This past winter we hooked up with Dan for 2 days of the craziest hillclimbs we’ve ever seen, he ended up pulling over twenty five chutes in just two days! I recently had a chance to talk with the man behind the madness about his life as a professional snowmobiler.

Age: 38
Years Riding: 38yrs riding, 32 in the driver’s seat
Sled: 2008 Arctic Cat M800, 162 Track
Mods: Boondocker Turbo system, Mountain Mod lightweight seat, Slydog skis
Favorite Location: Kootenays
Favorite Sled Videos: Adrenaline Rush, TS 5 and 6, Boondockers 4

How did you get into snowmobiling? My Mom and Dad would take me riding when I was only 1, bundled up between them. As I got older my Dad let me drive and then when I was 12 I had my own sled to drive. I was 16 when I bought my first sled.
What made you decide to start climbing big chutes? I started hillclimbing in my teens on a Phazer. Once I was on a Mountain Max 700 and riding with Gord Barrett I started REALLY highmarking.  Then I started riding with the Extreme Team: Marc Fry, Shawn Hastings, Don Lentz, Norm Leslie, and Big Daddy.  These guys where climbing some cool stuff and we all pushed each other.  We had good sleds that were comparable performance wise.  When one guy did a chute or climb another guy would say, “well I can do that!!!!” We pushed each other, and then the Thunderstruck guys continued the Madness…  Bigger horsepower, better sleds, and we still continue to push each other and the mountains.
What is the scariest pull you’ve ever done? The snatch pull last June turned out pretty bad, but each chute has it’s own risk. The TS 6 pull was scary because I failed my first attempt and had to come back down from 3/4 of the way up the chute.  The second try was perfect and didn’t feel scary at all.  The fear is before the attempt, and or when the attempt fails…  The successful pulls are a huge rush, but usually not that scary. When you’re stuck 900 feet up a chute and have to  try and come back down…  THAT’s PURE FEAR!!!!

What was it like to win the Xtremey Award a second time this year? The Xtremey award is an incredible honor, to win it back to back was amazing.  Very cool. I’m honored by all of the fans that took the time to vote for me. To have the respect and admiration of the public is a nice feeling. I appreciate every fan. There are dozens of great riders in many different movies, just to be mentioned with these guys is awesome. Thanks to Docy Andrews for putting on the Xtremey Awards.
Big plans for next winter? There’s quite a few chutes I still haven’t climbed,, I’d  like  to   get  a  few  more  completed…  I’d  like  to  come  out  with  a  better quality movie next  season,,,   better film quality and  a more professional product..
Any shout outs? You Rock Boondockers!  I love riding with you and sharing a road trip. Can’t wait to hook up again next season!  Boondocker turbo was awesome. Main Jet Motorsports and Arctic Cat kicks butt! Huge hanks to Bryan at Canadian Power Machines for setting up my turbo and dialing it in to perfection. Murrey with Mountain Mod light weight sled parts is a great guy with a great product – www.mountainmod.com
Krazy Canadian Adventures first DVD is due out this summer, check out www.krazycanadian.com for more info.

Don’t miss Dan’s intense hillclimbing segment in Boondockers aliVe, including his nearly fatal crash in Revelstoke.

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  1. Andrew McCarthy Says:

    Welcome to the Kootenay’s! All hill climbers are crazy but Davidoff’s personality makes for one particularly mad character! As Grandfather would say – “There’s something not right about that young fellow!”

    Can’t wait for the viewers reaction to the ‘Revelstoke’ segment – perhaps the best hill climbing film coverage to date. Only Dan Gardiner could stick his sled in the spots it took to get these photos. No more camera shots from the simpletons who sit at the top and bottom of the hill – this is in your face action that only Davidoff and Boondockers can provide!

    Sweat your brains out boys!

  2. Ryan Says:

    I will have to say the excitement that Dan shows really increases the energy in any video. My 3 year-old will just sit and watch snowmobile videos, but as soon as Dan climbs a hill and the video shows his excitement of making it to the top of a shoot. Kaden will start jumping up and down and screaming. Saying “dad did you see that”, “That was awesome!” It really makes watching Dan that much more fun. Keep it up can’t wait to see footage from this years climbs.

  3. Rail Trail User Says:

    Andrew, you got that right. There is definitely something wrong with this guy. Recently he hit and injured a Rail Trail Volunteer while riding his dirt bike on the rail grade near his home. The trail is non-motorized. This “hero”, and I use the term loosely, has nothing better to do with his free time than to hurt and injure people while breaking the law.

    This guy is a loser and it is only a matter of time before he meets somebody bigger or does something stupid and ends up in a pine box. Hardly a shining example. More of a silly little shit.

  4. D Says:

    Rail Trail User would you care to specify exactly which rail trail you are referring to?

    I sure hope its not the one between grand forks and castlegar because despite what many people think that trail is most definitely motorized. The accident is most certainly unfortunate but maybe you should keep your little opinions to yourself?

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