Canada…Here We Come

22 April, 2007
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2 rookies + 1 Krazy Canadian + 5 Boondockers = One amazing BC sled trip!!!!

Lane and I took off from Bozeman, MT on Saturday, March 17 for Castlegar, BC. We had been talking about this trip for months and it was finally time to load up the sleds, gear, and treats (Lane gets cranky if he doesn’t have treats) and head north. Castlegar was a good 9 hr trip (plus the 12 hrs I had from SD to MT) but it didn’t matter, it could have been 30 hrs for all we cared. We were going sledding with Dan “The Krazy Canadian” Davidoff and, as we just learned, 5 guys from the Boondockers Team. We were a little nervous about holding people up, but absolutely pumped to ride with such a group!! Even with high expectations we had no idea how fun the trip would be….

Day 1: Chevron gas station, Sunday morning, Lane and I first meet Davidoff, Andrew, Dan, Phatty, Ryan, and Rick. We were jacked!! They probably wouldn’t have been so nice had they known how much digging they would be doing on our behalf…..Anyway, off to the mountains.

The weather was somewhat rainy and foggy, obviously not ideal for filming but we didn’t let it phase us. It didn’t take the fellas long to see that Lane and I were in our first year in this sport…….pretty sure they could have filled their blooper reel on our handy-work on the way to the sweet stuff!! OK, we thought, trail done, now we can sit back and watch some real riding, right!!?? Nope. Davidoff breaks the great news…… “Alright fellas, all you have to do is climb this waterfall to get to the first mountain, eh!!??” Wow! “Excuse me Mr. Krazy, did you say WATERFALL?” Unfortunately, we heard him correctly. Our adventure was officially about to begin.

Well, I’m happy to say we made it up the waterfall (thanks for the help fellas) just in time to see Rick go big (really big) off the first drop he could find. Awesome!! Bad part: The sled didn’t survive a meeting with the trees. Davidoff made the score 2-2 on his climbs, one ending in his sled getting introduced to a tree as well. Amazing to see stuff like that first hand and get great footage as well. Lane and I were in awe of everyone’s riding ability already and the day just started!!
Off to the next area, “Monty’s Knob.” This one produced some more good stuff!! Phatty dropped the cliff twice and Davidoff and Rick each pulled some impressive climbs. Again, Lane and I wondered….. 1.) How did we even get up here?? 2.) Will we ever be able to do this stuff?? 3.) Will Phatty catch on if I ask him to drop the cliff a third time using my sled and wearing my coat and helmet?? Anyway…..amazing riding, amazing terrain, amazing riders……we were definitely out of our league but having an absolute blast!!

Last area of day 1….. “The Bowl”. We did a little riding on the way to and in the bowl but most of the fun was watching Ryan and Phatty fly around and Davidoff climb. More amazing drops and krazy climbs from our riding company….these guys are fun to watch!!! Great stuff but a return trip was needed due to the lack of sun. I’m sure nobody objected, hey!!?? What a day!! We needed new shorts after the ride back DOWN the waterfall, but what a day.

Day 2: First stop, Arctic Cat dealer to pick up rental sleds for Rick and Andrew. We ride Summits right now but were impressed with both the M8 and M1000. That has to be why Dan Gardiner is so much better than me, right??….he rides a better sled. Ok, maybe it’s a ‘little’ more than that!! On that note…..we got to see Dan G in action after a sore shoulder had him take it pretty easy the first day. I’ll confirm it for anyone wondering…..this guy can ride!! Actually, everyone we were with was amazing. It sucks to be in last all the time but what can you do….these guys are good!! Anyway, the day was a blast even though there was some drama. It rained pretty much all day, Davidoff needed a good hour to fix his sled, and yours truly decided to introduce his front bumper to a large tree…..they didn’t get along. Still saw amazing riding and got some really funny stuff out of “Braveheart” Davidoff before we had to leave. Neither of us rode very well either day but we couldn’t have had more fun regardless…..

The evening brought on dinner at the Black Rooster in Castlegar. Great food and great company made for a fun evening. Davidoff again entertained all by deciding to get all dressed up in his Sunday best……bright red racing gear, stocking hat, and a face full of grease from the day’s repairs. He looked like a true “Krazy Canadian” and seemed to eat everything in site. Classic!! Andrew’s stories were a hit as well but I’ll leave that to him to pass on……too tangly!! Hope everyone had as much fun as we did. The dinner was the least Lane and I could do for all the help and patience. Much appreciated guys!!!

We had to leave the next morning for our long journey back to the states. The big river jump was being planned for day 3 but we not able to stay and see it, bummed. Saw the pics though, impressive Dan, nice work!! I heard you guys had a couple days of blue skies and got some great footage.
I can’t say thank you enough to everyone. You guys were not only amazing riders but amazing guys to be around as well. Lane and I both are very grateful for the opportunity to ride with all of you and get to know you as well. You made a couple of rookies fall in love with this sport even more than we already were. Thank you Dan, Dan, Andrew, Phatty, Rick, and Ryan!!

FYI: Two trips are already in the books for next year…..BC and now Utah!! Can’t wait for Boondockers 4!!!!!

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