Boondockers 6 is shipping

14 August, 2009

Boondockers 6 is in stock! All pre-orders went out last week, if you haven’t received your order yet then send me a message.

Boondockers 6 will also be available in high definition on Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray discs will start shipping early next week. The HD version is unreal!

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  1. snowrodeo Says:

    arrived yesterday!!!
    needless to say, everything else on the schedule took a back seat for a while so i could have a look.
    great job to all the BD crew. another awesome film!!!
    now, would it snow already……..

  2. Skylar Says:

    Awesome video again. Boondockers remains near the top of my favorite series of vids. Love the powder shots, I sled in a lot of lake effect snow in the U.P. of Michigan, but to be able to have that, combined with the elevation you guts are at, no wonder it’s the greatest snow on earth!

    Rick Barker’s save? He should win the extemmy award for that one!!

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