April Fools

2 April, 2009

The only fools around here yesterday were the ones that didn’t go riding. We found 2-3ft. of new snow at the upper elevations in Utah. You know its a good day when you don’t leave until 3pm and still come back to the truck with an empty tank! Unfortunately I will be sitting out the weekend storm (Another 2-3ft. of snow forecasted…) with a broken primary clutch, so be sure to make some extra turns and jumps for me!




“I’m not stuck, I just wanted to go ice fishing!”


Aaron Case, somewhere in there

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  1. Andrew Says:

    Where’s Bev? Isn’t she doing Boondockers this year?

  2. Matt Says:

    PLEASE send some of that snow my way! That’s awesome, bummer about the clutch.

  3. Dave Napier Says:

    Did you get that clutch replaced on warranty? I had a secondary let go last weekend…had to ride out double with be Jake, what a scene and the music was spendid..lmao.

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