April Fools

2 April, 2009

The only fools around here yesterday were the ones that didn’t go riding. We found 2-3ft. of new snow at the upper elevations in Utah. You know its a good day when you don’t leave until 3pm and still come back to the truck with an empty tank! Unfortunately I will be sitting out the weekend storm (Another 2-3ft. of snow forecasted…) with a broken primary clutch, so be sure to make some extra turns and jumps for me!




“I’m not stuck, I just wanted to go ice fishing!”


Aaron Case, somewhere in there

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  1. Andrew Says:

    Where’s Bev? Isn’t she doing Boondockers this year?

  2. Matt Says:

    PLEASE send some of that snow my way! That’s awesome, bummer about the clutch.

  3. Dave Napier Says:

    Did you get that clutch replaced on warranty? I had a secondary let go last weekend…had to ride out double with be Jake, what a scene and the music was spendid..lmao.

  4. Johnson Says:

    will this trail allow snowmobiles and / or atv’s to enter the coumtnimy from the trailway? are there business interests driving this? i can understand they want to move around in the country via snowmobiles and / or atv’s but all the facts need to be on the table.we have a similar situation in eastport and i suspect we have cabin / motel owners driving the trail issue to boost their winter tourism. problem with that is there’s no plan to regulate snowmobiles in our communities. its already bad enough with the kids on saturday night, we don’t need snowmobilers who are not from here disturbing our peace any more than the current yahoo’s do.i also have animals (NL ponies) that do not like snowmobiles, especially the one’s with loud aftermarket exhausts. the cabins in our coumtnimy are not well placed, and lie around the coumtnimy with no trail system in place. my concern is the trails will be built and then they’ll want to access their properties by crossing our land (which is an organic farm). so not cool.lay all the cards on the table if you wanna talk.

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