Bombs Away

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

With the exceptionally late start to winter this year many of my fellow snowmobilers prematurely gave up on the season and moved on to other hobbies in January or February. This has been reflected in nearly empty parking lots, low traffic on the snowmobile forums, and an inordinant amount of pristine untracked bowls, canyons, and river bottoms (I’m not complaining). Not the Boondockers crew! The last two months we’ve been chasing every storm and riding every day like it might be our last. The last three weeks of riding have been especially memorable. .... Continue Reading this Post

Essential Avy and Riding Skills Workshop

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Want to learn from the pros about avalanches and how to get out, get after it, and come home alive? We are holding a hands-on avalanche and advanced riding skills clinic for snowmobilers. A Thursday evening chat session is followed by field instruction near the Noblett’s Trailhead in the western Uinta Mountains. Instructors include Utah Avalanche Center forecasters along with Dan Gardiner, Phatty and the Boondockers crew. This is limited to 18 people, so we will have 6 riders per instructor. All proceeds go to the Utah Avalanche Center. .... Continue Reading this Post

Monkey See

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I met a fellow Boondocker at a mining conference in Vancouver last month. We were attending a social that a mutual friend hosted at his beautiful condo in Coal Harbour. A bit of a set up actually since our host (David Greenway) has been a ‘Boondockers’ sponsor since 2008 (SNS:TSX.V, GFN:TSX.V, AOX:TSX.V) and knew one of the boys (Alex Deeds) from ‘National Drilling’ was an avid sledder. .... Continue Reading this Post