Snowmobile Avalanche and Riding Skills Workshop

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Come join the avalanche experts from the Utah Avalanche Center and the riders of Boondockers for a snowmobile level one avy class and backcountry riding skills workshop. The class will focus on practical, hands on avalanche and riding skills for snowmobilers. The course will consist of an evening session on Wednesday, February 24th (6-9pm) and a field day on Saturday, February 27th (9am-5pm) in the Uinta Mountains. Head over to the UAC website for more details and to register: Continue Reading this Post

Island Park a couple of weeks ago

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

The day after the road trip to Preston in Idaho, Searle and I decided to make a small road trip up to Island Park, Idaho to do a little exploring…the never ending search for snow. Considering it was late January, one might think we were disappointed in the amount of snow we found. Unfortunately, a less than favorable snow year had conditioned us so that the snow we did find left us feeling very lucky to find such epic deep powder at least 9 inches deep. How bad are snow conditions when 9 inches of powder on top of a 2.5 foot base leave you feeling happy and rewarded? (more…)

Back On

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I remember the last time we coordinated a snowmobile aerial show at the Pepsi Center in Corner Brook. It was a phenomenal experience that was enjoyed by nearly everyone in the city – riders, coordinators, sponsors, attendees…. Everyone! Surprisingly, the most awestruck that weekend was Jimmy ‘Blaze’ Fejes – and it really had little to do with his show finale and the first back flip ever performed on a snowmobile in Newfoundland..... Continue Reading this Post

Weather Warning

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

One of the things which I really came to appreciate during the time I spent in Utah is how diligent they are in keeping track of local weather forecasts. Despite the fact that the snow is almost certain to be superb no matter where you ride, the kids are always mindful in their quest for the perfect powder day. In fact the only time I’ve seen them disagree is over a proposed riding destination. To his credit, Daniel is usually the one to follow whenever such discord arises..... Continue Reading this Post